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5 Free Fitness Apps for iOS / Android

We know you’re busy, but making time for fitness can be an essential part of one’s day. Whether using a fitness app or going to the gym, here is the scoop on exercising.

We asked residents how important fitness is to them.  Katie Cole, a resident at The Tyler said, “Very, it gives you a more positive outlook, a healthy body and mind, and helps relieve school stress.” A resident at The Dillon agrees, saying “very important, keeps the body and mind healthy, and I love to workout.”

However, finding time to exercise can be difficult to do.  This is how Lhamo Tsering at The James makes room in their day for fitness: “scheduling daily gym time, bringing a friend along and keeping track of workouts.”

An alternative to going to the gym is having a fitness app on your phone. A few great fitness apps are:

Nike Training Club: An awesome workout app for beginners. NTC creates a four-week workout plan based on your fitness level and goals. Targeted towards getting leaner or stronger, and rage from 15-45 minutes.

Couch to 5k: An eight-week training course that includes a mix of running and walking three days per week and thirty minutes per day including a warm-up walk, followed by 60secs of jogging and 90secs of walking.

Sworkit Lite: Workouts include cardio, strength and yoga, with videos that guide you through each exercise.

Bodeefit: Visual guides are provided in the form of GIFs, and there’s a large timer to keep track of intervals.

StrongLifts 5×5: This one’s for those who want to get *Daft Punk voice* harder, better, faster, stronger. StrongLifts includes three 45-minute exercises, three times per week to help you build muscle effectively.

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