Life Hacks

5 Tips to Finals Focus

1. Sleep

It is the very obvious but often under prioritized human need. Your brain needs proper sleep (about 8 hours/night) for your studying to be effective. Sleep clears toxins, re-energizes, and supports learning and memory. Pulling an all-nighter is like eating a candy bar; you start out hyper from the sugar, and then, you crash. For your best shot at A’s, break up your studying and get in those Zzzs.

2. Exercise

Physical activity clears the mind and releases stress. Take a study break for a 30 minute gym session or a walk around campus.

3. Comprehend not memorize

You’ve made a year’s worth of acronyms, but do you even know what any of it means?! When studying, try to paraphrase and understand the content. If you actually understand what your studying, you will learn not just memorize, which makes memory kick in on its own!

4. Freshen your breath

Many studies show that peppermint helps with focus. Pop a mint in during your exam to increase brain power!

5. Relax

Go through your normal morning routine. Maybe grab a coffee, definitely eat breakfast, and let yourself chill. It is just a test, you prepared (hopefully…), and stressing won’t help!

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