Awesome College Football Traditions

College football season is in full swing! One of the most exciting things about attending games with your crew every year is the traditions that come along with them. Whether it’s tailgating or energetic cheers, each tradition is unique to a school and its fans. We asked some of our residents to share their favorite college football memories and traditions with us:

University of Kentucky

Gameday Traditions: Tailgating, The Cat Walk, Socializing at The Bowl.

The Cat Walk:  Before each game, the members of Big Blue Nation line up along the Cat Walk, a path between Nutter Field House (where the team bus arrives) and Commonwealth Stadium. As the team walks from the bus to the stadium, they are cheered on by #BBN.

Favorite College Football Memory: “When we beat Tennessee in 2011, students rushed the field and grabbed pieces of turf.” – Autumn from The Wyatt.

Indiana University

Gameday Traditions: Tailgating, Defend the Rock

Defend the Rock: Before games, players and coaches touch a 3-ton limestone boulder on a granite slab located right outside of the team’s locker room in Memorial Stadium as a way to honor the memory of coach Terry Hoeppner.

Favorite College Football Memory: Being 4-0 at the start of the 2015 season and almost beating Ohio State, the student section is always super hype.” – Jasmine McFadden, Seth Jenkins and Michael Eldrige at The Dillon.

Other shout-out-worthy traditions:

Clanga Clanga: Mississippi State

MSU fans have a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell. The noisemaker has become a staple at Bulldogs games at Davis Wade Stadium, where nearly every fan has a custom bell. No clanging while the ball is in play, per the rules agreed upon by the school and the SEC in 2010.

Jump Around: University of Wisconsin-Madison

This classic jam by House of Pain marks the beginning of the fourth quarter at Camp Randall Stadium. When Jump Around comes on, the entire stadium erupts as the fans do as the song instructs.

Go Blue Entrance: University of Michigan

Michigan Stadium is the largest in the country – holding nearly 108,000 people. Since the 60’s, a “Go Blue” banner has sat midfield. As the players run under the sign, each member jumps up and pats it.

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