Covid-19 Announcement

In the name of social responsibility, we will be going ALL-Digital effective 03/19/2020. We want to play our part in keeping both the team and surrounding community safe and comfortable. Our office will be closed for all incoming tours and property visits until further notice, but we will still be available to help make your very important housing decision via Facetime, Skype, call, chat, and email.

Health & Fitness

April CiRCUIT: Upping the Intensity

What It’s About

Summertime is (really, truly, finally!) right around the corner.  This month Josh turns up the intensity with a series of tabata style moves aimed at getting the heart rate up and working multiple muscle groups for serious strength.  Personal trainers are available in every Letter9 gym – all week long.

As always, workouts are designed to be done from anywhere, with little to no equipment needed.  So if you can’t make it to the classes, you don’t have to miss out (plus one less excuse)

Check out Josh Holland’s intro, and this month’s high intensity routine below.

This Month in CiRCUIT








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