For many, January is a month of new beginnings, fresh starts and hard resets. With 2020 symbolizing the start of a new decade, there’s added pressure to be your best self and live your best life.

However, many people end up giving up on their New Year resolutions because they create lofty and unrealistic goals that require more time, more discipline and yes, more money – three things we don’t normally have to spare.

Here’s how the James can help you focus on your resolutions and manage expectations in a way that you will see and feel results!

Studying & Time Management
So everyone has experienced a rocky semester…don’t feel terrible if you did. Reflect on what you wanted to do and what you did – note the differences. When doing this, be honest with yourself. Honest and realistic goals are key to being successful.

Start off by taking some time to set up your work week and study schedule. Make sure you note your class schedule, work schedule and extracurricular activities (you know you’re not going to miss new episodes of Power, Grey’s Anatomy or The Walking Dead to study!) Don’t spend too much time planning either – it’s really about execution.

Don’t forget the study room and the business center in the clubhouse! Feel free to stay later in the library too because the shuttle runs until 10pm from Monday-Friday…you won’t have to worry about a ride home.

Fitness & Wellness
Fitness can be more than losing weight. You want to be holistically well – emotionally and physically. Use your Apple Watch or Fitbit to track your movements – think of stairs as helpers in your fitness goals versus enemies. Your kitchen is fully equipped to help you with meal prep goals; it’s been proven that cooking at home is more beneficial than eating out (and it’s cheaper!) Don’t forget the shuttle can take you to Kroger and Target on the weekends!

Our fitness center is open 24/7 and fully loaded with everything you need to get the body you want (summer is around the corner, despite the weather outside.) Take a stroll on the treadmill or lift some weights. Whatever you do, be responsible about it – build your routine around your current physical state, not your ideal one. Swimming is another cool workout option – once the weather breaks, the pool will be open for you to take full advantage of. You can always check out basketballs to hit the courts while the office is open, too!

Take a load off in the massage chair in our relaxation station upstairs in the clubhouse. Spend time clearing your mind or reading a book. Our tanning bed is available too…and it’s free!

Money Management
Everyone could use more money in their savings accounts, right? Rebounding from holiday shopping can be difficult but it’s the perfect time for you to master the art of “the budget.” Before spontaneous spending, ask yourself “do I really need this item from Amazon Prime?” Better yet, are you taking advantage of “free items” like those we give away on social media or through our Community Rewards program? These could be opportunities for you to splurge without spending your own money! Get your rent in before the 3rd so you don’t have to be excess late fees…no one has $50+ to throw away.

We’d love to see your progress this year too! If you’re posting on social media, don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #JamesResolutions. Don’t forget, we’re rooting for you!

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