Life Hacks

This or That

Concept is simple THIS or THAT. Fun game to play with your friends when you’re road trippin’ or just straight up bored.


Dog OR Cat
Jungle OR Safari
Fish OR Bird
Sea Animal OR Land Animal

Chocolate OR Vanilla
Sweet OR Salty
Ice Pop OR Ice Cream
Cake OR Pie
McDonald’s OR Burger King
Dine in OR Delivery
Hamburger OR Hot Dog
Coke OR Pepsi
Coffee OR Tea
Iced Coffee OR Iced Tea
Soup OR Sandwich
Pancakes OR French Toast
Ocean OR Lake
Mountains OR Beach

Facetime OR Text
Book OR Podcast
Disney OR Dreamworks
HBO or Netflix
Comedy OR Drama

Hot Bath OR Long Shower
Early Bird OR Night Owl
Summer or Winter
City or Suburbs
Dress up or Sweats
Online Shopping or Store Shopping

Add to the fun and make up your own!

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