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Welcome to life at The Dillon. Here’s the 411 on all your need-to-knows. More queries or curiosities? Stop by the office or give us a call anytime at 812.822.3734.

Think of Letter9 as your launch-pad:  where super high-quality living meets an extraordinary lifestyle designed to boost your college experience and set you up for success, both in college and beyond.

We hand pick each Letter9 property to be the best in its market because quality counts.  As one of the largest student housing companies in the US, our resources and experience mean you’ll receive excellent customer service.  And, as the most innovative company in student housing you can count on us to make your college experience something special.

Finally, we are always here for you…24/7.  We can be reached at:


What’s a Letter9 Bedroom Suite?

Each bedroom at a Letter9 property is its own, private suite, with plenty of space to sleep, study, shower and get ready to tackle the day.  Your bedroom door is yours alone, so that your suite is as personal and private as you’d like to make it.

What’s this whole “individual lease” thing?

We rent each Letter9 suite for the full academic year, or for shorter periods in special situations.  When you rent your Letter9 suite, you will only be responsible for your own rent, and not for the rent obligations of any of your apartment-mates.

Oh no, it’s broken!

Our maintenance team is on 24/7 and can basically guarantee 24 hour service for almost anything that’s broken.  If you need to reach our maintenance team, please click here or call 812.822.3734.

The amenities look sick, but where can I get some work done?

The Dillon was specifically designed to provide a productive work environment.  Each resident enjoys a combination of private study space inside their own suite, as well as access to independent and collaborative study rooms.  We also offer a state-of-the-art tech bar with high-speed internet access and printing services, for when you’ve got to get that paper out the door.

How do you ensure your property is secure?

We cover the bases: cameras, access controls on exterior doors, 24/7 on-site security, on-site management.

To reach on-property security at any time, day or night, you can call directly 812.822.3734.

What’s so special about the Letter9 experience?

Letter9 offers some of the biggest perks in the market: from on-site Zipcars and free bike-shares for running errands, down to our exclusive clothing line to keep our residents school spirit fashionable.  But the perks don’t end during the year:  we also offer our returning residents first-glance offers on limited quantity, renewal packages to ensure they lock in the best rates.

What’s your Life-Hack and Leg-Up series all about?

As part of our Life Hacks and Leg Ups programming, we regularly bring leading experts to The Dillon for on-property seminars in important topics such as “Write a Killer Resume”, “How to Cook at Healthy Meal in 15 Minutes for $15”, “Surviving Stress”, “Real Relationships”, and “Safety First”.  These programs are free for our residents and help tackle issues that all college students face, but not all university supplied programming can address.

What’s CiRCUIT™?

Healthy minds depend on healthy bodies, and we so we partnered with celebrity trainer Josh Holland to design a free, personal training program that is offered several times each week on property and taught by our team of expert personal trainers. Get ready for a terrific time and a great sweat!

Does fun=stupid (not a trick question)?

Um…no.  But, too many other student housing properties think that “resident events” like Taco Tuesdays, Wings Wednesdays and, our favorite, Fried Fridays are the ingredients of a good time—we think that they are the ingredients of a big butt. At Letter9, we know how to have a good time, with events such as MUS 101™, our annual music festival, which brings up and coming emerging artists and media right to your front door.

What events are next?

Glad you asked. We have tons of awesome events on-property throughout the year, and you should totally come. Please visit our Events Page for all the latest.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute announcements.

Free Shuttle Service

We offer a free, residents-only shuttle bus, which runs to lots of convenient stops on campus and in town, starting early in the am and going well into the wee hours.  Make sure to meet up by using our SHUTTLE TRACKER mobile app, for our shuttle’s exact location and ETA.


If you’ve got wheels, keep them close by parking at The Dillon. Parking is available to all residents.

What should I expect on move-in day?

Our residents should expect a super-organized move-in process.  You’ll be greeted on check in by an enthusiastic and smiling member of the Letter9 Crew (you’ll know who they are, because they are the ones wearing the bright shirts that say CREW), you’ll get your keys, we’ll show you to your suite, and you’ll be home.

Parents should expect a cold drink, delicious snacks, a free massage, and our dedicated Move-In team to grab your student’s belongings and whisk them inside.

How do I get set up for rent payment?

We will get all the business stuff organized over the course of the summer, prior to your move in.  If you are having any problems at all, please just swing by the office and we’ll be happy to help.

If you want to log in to pay your rent online, please click here.

At Letter9 we care about our residents! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our customer care line so we can better serve you. 1-833-L9-CARES or (833-592-2737)

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